Monday, June 13, 2005
No Hope for the Completely Insane

I keep an eye on the abortion debate, and on the crazies leading the charge. This time, the Planned Parenthood store is offering some fashionable new items for your baby! See if you get as outraged as I did.

Item #1

Baby Beanies with "Choice" embroidered on the hem. Alternate versions include stitching that reads "I narrowly escaped getting my brains sucked out," or the wildly popular "I'm with an irresponsible, misinformed whore."

Item #2

A chocolate version of contraceptive pills. What loser wants to pull out their chocolate contraceptives at the annual employee luncheon? LAME.

Item #3

"Kiss Me...I'm Pro-Choice" Tee-shirt. Why doesn't it just read "F*** me without any hesitations, I'm Pro-Choice"?

Item #4

"The Abortion Pill is finally here" Pen holders. Now, killing little Macy or Bobby is easier than ever!

Sick. Planned Parenthood is for immoral, reckless sluts.

Posted at 09:55 am by DeoDuce

Michael Williams
June 13, 2005   10:18 AM PDT
Abortion really is a very strange and disturbing service to merchandise for. Ugh.
June 13, 2005   04:07 PM PDT
The "pro-choice" demographic are aborting themselves out of existence. Someday, the people with pro-life values will outnumber the pro-abortion crowd if the current birthrate trends between red and blue states continues.
June 13, 2005   04:11 PM PDT
What's a synonym for slut and whore? I can't think of any.
June 13, 2005   04:18 PM PDT
Strumpet and skank come to mind.
June 13, 2005   04:20 PM PDT
Skank! Excellent
the Pirate
June 13, 2005   04:49 PM PDT
Keeping it in your pants and keeping your pants on are choices too.
June 14, 2005   07:31 PM PDT
Dressing your baby in a hat that says, "Mom decided not to snuff me after all" is about the most disgusting thing they've come up with yet.
June 15, 2005   07:42 AM PDT
While I agree that it's disgusting to market baby clothes with a pro-abortion message ... I would encourage you to stop portraying women who abort as whores. Many women are pressured into their abortions (by parents, boyfriends, husbands, etcetera), and many more are simply decieved by Planned Parenthood's lies. Many, many, many of these post-abortion women will suffer terribly for their "choice"....

Please check out the AfterAbortion blog at:
June 15, 2005   09:21 AM PDT
Aw, c'mon. Women who are peer pressured into aborting a life are idiots. I have no sympathy for them. Abortion is simply a vile solution, an easy fix, a quick way out for promiscuous and risky behavior.

Look at the demographics and stats of abortions. Many, many women in lower-income demographics have multiple abortions. It means they're having sex--a lot--without taking responsibility for their actions.

I stand by my opinion that abortions are for immoral, reckless sluts. Thanks for commenting.
June 16, 2005   05:29 AM PDT
Another word for slut is my ex-girlfriend, Susannah.
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